Greenwashing, Carbon Capitalism, and the Role of PR

How the public relations profession promotes climate action by offering “solutions” that protect corporate ambition and sacrifice the collective good.

Presentation title: Panel on PR and Climate Obstruction

Event host: London School of Economics

Re.Climate Webinar

How Canada’s six largest oil sands companies work to actively oppose climate policy, advocate against regulation to reduce emissions, and push for oil and gas expansion.

Presentation title: Pulling Back the Curtain: The Strategy, Tactics & Tools of Canada’s Fossil Fuel Greenwashing

Event host: Re.Climate Communications Centre

Understanding and Addressing Misinformation about Science: A Public Workshop

Misinformation isn’t just about sowing controversy over settled science. Strategic communicators insert industrial interests through values of consensus and compromise to weaken the impact of scientific claims that call for a rapid reduction in the causes of climate change.

Presentation title: Strategic Communicators and Misinformation around Science

Event host: National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine

U.S. House of Representatives, Natural Resources Committee

Melissa Aronczyk’s testimony to Congress: How the tactics used by PR firms constitute climate disinformation.

Presentation title: Investigations Subcommittee Hearing: “The Role of Public Relations Firms in Preventing Action on Climate Change.”

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Roundtable on Sustainability and Advertising

Profit versus purpose and growth versus good in sustainability advertising.

Presentation title: Roundtable Discussion on Contradictions of Sustainability

Event host: Advertising & Society Quarterly