Books and Edited Collections

The Climate of Publicity. Co-authored with Bob Brulle and Maria I. Espinoza. Under contract with Oxford University Press.


Branding the Nation: The Global Business of National Identity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2013.

Reviews: LSE Review of Books (9 Feb 2014); Times Higher Education UK (23 Jan 2014); Global Media and Communication 10.2 (2014); International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics 10.2 (2014); Digital Icons 11 (2014); Political Communication 31.4 (2014); Economic Sociology_The European Electronic Newsletter 16.2 (2015)

Blowing Up the Brand: Critical Perspectives on Promotional Culture. Co-edited with Devon Powers. New York: Peter Lang, 2010.

Reviews: Popular Communication 9.1-2 (2011), The Communication Review 14.2 (2011), Reviews in Cultural Theory 2.1 (2011); Journal of Communication 61.5 (Oct 2011); Journal of Mass Media Ethics 26.4 (2011); Canadian Journal of Communication 37 (2012).

“Apprehending PR as a Promotional Industry.” Guest editor with Lee Edwards and Anu Kantola. Special Issue of Public Relations Inquiry 6.2 (June 2017).

Cultures of Circulation.” Guest editor with Ailsa Craig. Special issue of Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research in Culture, the Media, and the Arts 40.2 (Spring 2012).

Journal Articles

2020: “Corporate Promotion and Climate Change: An Analysis of Key Variables Affecting Advertising Spending by Major Oil Corporations, 1986-2015.” (Lead author: Robert Brulle, co-authors Melissa Aronczyk and Jason Carmichael.) Climatic Change.

2019:Sustainable Communication: Green PR and the Export of Corporate Environmentalism, 19891997.” (Co-author Maria I. Espinoza). Environmental Sociology 5(3): 308–322.

2018: “Public Relations, Issue Management, and the Transformation of American Environmentalism, 1948–1992.” Enterprise & Society 19(4): 836–863.

2018: “Environment 1.0: Infoterra and the Making of Environmental Information.” New Media & Society (Online First edition.)

2017: “Apprehending PR as a Promotional Industry” (with Lee Edwards and Anu Kantola). Public Relations Inquiry 6.2: 139-155.

2017: “Portal or Police? The Limits of Promotional Paratexts.” Critical Studies in Media Communication 34.2: 111–119.

2015:Understanding the Impact of the Transnational Promotional Class on Political Communication.” International Journal of Communication 9: 2007-2026. Special Issue on Qualitative Political Communication, eds. Dave Karpf, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Daniel Kreiss, and Matthew Powers.

2015: “Branding History at the Canadian Museum of Civilization” (with Miranda Brady). Canadian Journal of Communication 40.2 (2015): 165-184.

2014: “Confidence Game: Marketing Wellbeing in Economic Surveys.” European Journal of Cultural Studies 17.3: 244–257.

2013: “Market(ing) Activism: Lush Cosmetics, Ethical Oil, and the Self-Mediation of Protest.” JOMEC (Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies) 4: 1–21.

2012: “Introduction: Cultures of Circulation” (with Ailsa Craig). Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research in Culture, the Media, and the Arts 40.2 (Spring): 93-100.

2010:Providing Emotions since 1534: The Politics of Visibility in Quebec’s Tourism Brand.” Quebec Studies 48: 35-52.

2009:How to Do Things with Brands: Uses of National Identity.” Canadian Journal of Communication 34.2: 291-296.

2008:Living the Brand’: Nationality, Globality, and the Identity Strategies of Nation Branding Consultants.” International Journal of Communication 2: 41-65.

2005:SUV Ads and the Consumption of Nature.” Invisible Culture 9 (Fall).

Other Published Work

2020: “Public Communication in a Promotional Culture.” Media Research for Changing Societies. Adrienne Russell and Matt Powers, eds. Cambridge University Press. In press.

2020: “Environmental Countermovements: Organized Opposition to Climate Change Action in the United States.” (lead co-author: Robert Brulle.) Handbook of Global Sustainability Governance. London: Routledge. 

2018: “Branding National Identity in an Unequal World.” Oxford Handbook of Consumption. Frederick Wherry and Ian Woodward, eds. 

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2017: “Nation Branding and Internet Governance: Framing Debates over Freedom and Sovereignty” (with Stanislav Budnitsky). Pp. 48–65 in The Net and the Nation-State: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Internet Governance, Uta Kohl (Ed.). Cambridge University Press.

2014:What’s So Social about Social Media?” Review Essay. Public Books. Jan 2014.

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